February 2014
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Supporting our Green Terror!!! Whoot Whoot!

One thing I will always remember and cherish most at McDaniel are the sporting events. Football games are always memorable and everyone has a great time. We have a bowl field, which is amazing because no matter where you are sitting you have a great view of the game! Loads of people from school attend so you get to see and meet a variety of people. You’ll see that Greek Life have their letters written on one side of the hill, which is great when looking for friends! I love our school spirit here because it really shows how supportive our fans are.  Even if you’re not into football, do not be discouraged because some people, like myself, are not crazy football fans but I just go to mingle! Oh and fun fact…we were nationally ranked by the weather channel for our tailgating!!! Yes, it’s true! You’ll see parents, students, professors, and Alumni grilling burgers and hotdogs. But our fans do not just attend football games but all our sporting events!

Even though we are a small school we always have a large, loud, and rowdy crowd at our sporting events! Right now, the mens basketball team has been the main attraction on campus! They have been doing exceptionally well this season. The student section has been full with cheering and chanting fans, including myself. Actually, a lot of students have even traveled to their away games, which shows our dedication as fans! The other day, my friends and I drove to Gettysburg to watch both our mens and women’s basketball game! Luckily, Gettysburg is only a 30 away so it was not too bad of a drive. Both games were nail bitters but McDaniel ended with two big wins! After the game you could see all the McDaniel fans because we were all huddled together chatting. This Saturday, the basketball teams have two home games so I am predicting another big, rowdy crowd! And keeping my fingers crossed for another win. One thing I love about attending these games is when I see the fans that come to support our Green Terror Athletes. For example, when I see professors there supporting their students, it puts the biggest smile on my face. Everyone is always supportive and positive, which brings our campus together! Attending McDaniel sporting events is always a fun thing to do on campus, especially if you’re a sports fan! Well, until next time:)

Maria Brew

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