February 2014
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Me+ Organization = Love/Hate

Advice: Find your best method of organization as soon as you possibly can.

Most people have the things in their life that seem to require being super organized. For me, that happens when I’m writing, whether fiction or for class, keeping track of workouts, and in charge of people, because knowing who is supposed to be doing what when is important.

Other than that, it amazes me how I keep anything straight. I don’t care if my bed is made, I just kinda throw things on my desk, and there are times I don’t put my clean laundry away until I need the basket to put my dirty laundry in to throw it in the washer the next week.My idea of “keep track of homework” simply involves glancing at the syllabus once in a while and trying to remember what I’m supposed to do.

The weird thing is that such a disorganized way of doing things has worked for me so well up to this point.

However, with taking one more class than I’m used to and having to balance that with spending more time working on fitness for track, I’m starting to discover that I end up with way too much homework to do some nights when I spent the night before watching Supernatural.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to add a little more “love” to my relationship with organization, or at least try to. I’ll try to use my planner more, because I do have one, but I tend to find myself ignoring that. So, instead, I’m going to use post-it notes.

Post-it notes are my best friend when I’m writing. I’ll jot down the ideas, characters, plots points, etc, group them or replicate them as needed, and just keep them on my wall or door for reference until I need them no longer or I write the subsequent chart down on paper. Luckily, covering the walls with post-it notes only happens maybe twice a school year, because I can usually do similar things in notebooks for smaller projects.

In order to get more organized, then, I think I’m going to start a weekly Post-It To-Do List. Basically, I’ll put any homework, projects, big papers, meetings, work, etc, onto a post-it, and place it within the day it belongs to. Then, as I do things, I can cross them out and have the satisfaction of ripping it and throwing it out when I’m done.

I’ll do my first one tomorrow and let you know how it works in a few weeks.

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