February 2014
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Intramural Sunday

Sundays are big days in the intramural basketball world here at McDaniel. Some people can have up to four or five games of basketball! I personally have three games tonight and I cannot wait! I played basketball and soccer in high school. Although I chose to continue with soccer in college, I definitely still miss basketball! Intramurals is the perfect way to play the sports that you miss from your high school days or the sports that you just want to try for fun.

The reason I have three games tonight is because there are several different leagues within the program. There is a Women’s, Men’s, and a Co-ed league. I am a part of a Women’s team, made up of all my soccer teammates, and then a Co-ed team, made up of a group of friends. It is great that McDaniel allows students to be involved in multiple ways and it goes the same for more than just basketball. I personally have only done basketball and volleyball intramurals, but there are many more sports such as softball, soccer, floor hockey, and football.

The best part about intramurals is the prize: a Green Terror Intramural Champions T-Shirt. They are a very desired prize here on the Hill and everyone who wins one wears it proudly. I am a proud owner of one t-shirt from a basketball championship last year. I am hoping my teams can get more t-shirts this year! We won all of our games last weekend so wish us luck tonight!

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