February 2014
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When friends come to visit

I wanted to briefly talk about friends coming to visit and how much fun it can be to show them around McDaniel and Westminster.

This past weekend one of my friends from California, who goes to GW in D.C., came up to visit me and met my friends from school. Unfortunately she was only here Saturday evening to Sunday morning but I still enjoyed having her. As soon as she got here we grabbed a quick dinner at Chick-fil-a and brought it back to my apartment to eat. As we ate she met my friends and we all chatted for a while. Since her visit was so short I did not get to show her around to much but she still was amazed at how beautiful The Hill was.

Another friend of my visited McDaniel two years ago. When she came to visit I took her all around Westminster. We went to one of my favorite places called Birdie’os Cafe. She also happened to be here when the Women’s lacrosse team had Terror Trot. Terror Trot is an annual 5k Walk/run for a specific cancer. Many students at McDaniel participant in this as well as people from the community. I enjoyed showing her around the campus and town as well.

My apartment this year has had several visitors which we have all enjoyed. We are looking forward to many more and LOVE showing people around our beautiful campus.

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