February 2014
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The love of Intramural’s

Hi everybody:) I hope everyone is staying warm in this winter weather! One thing that is helping me stay warm are McDaniel intramural’s!! I am currently on two basketball teams and so far we have won all our games!! There is a co-ed group and an all girls group, luckily I’m on both! Plus, with all these snow days I have had A LOT of time to practice! Intramural’s are a great way to stay active around campus and its a nice way to meet new people. The great thing about it too, is that people will come and watch your games. Your friends will come and cheer you on, which is a bonus!

Personally, I’ve never played basketball but its still fun to go run around. So if you have never played the sport before, no worries. Everyone is there to have fun. But the best thing about Intrumual’s is the fact that the winning team wins a FREE t-shirt! Who doesn’t want a free t-shirt? Thats another reason why intramural’s are so popular at our school.

We have a bunch of sports you can play. I usually stick to basketball and volleyball….but this semester my friends and I are branching out!! We are making a kick-ball team and softball team! I’m so pumped! Plus, once spring comes with the sun, it will be SUPER fun! And don’t worry I’ll keep you posted about my basketball teams! Wish me luck!


Maria Brew

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