February 2014
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The Olympics!

Most college students only get to watch one Olympics on campus during their time as undergrads. (Though it’s possible for students who need to take more than four years to finish their degree to have two.) Sure, the summer Olympics will probably happen at some point during your college career, but chances are, you won’t be on campus to watch them with a bunch of your peers. But the winter Olympics are different. Typically taking place sometime in February, the timing coincides perfectly with when college students are on campus. As such, I’ve been taking the opportunity to watch the Olympics with my housemates whenever I can.

This year’s Olympics aren’t even over yet, and I already have so many little memories of watching the Olympics with my friends that I can cherish. All of these snow days we’ve been having lately have been giving us plenty o time to watch afternoon coverage of the games, when some of the events are even broadcast live. I spent several hours last week watching live figure skating with my housemates and their friends, both enjoying the performances and making fun of the commentators’ comments. (That fall was “devastating”? Seems like a strong word…) We’ve also watched tons of snowboarding and plenty of skiing and speed skating. I’ve also made my housemates watch curling with me. (I have a reasonable understanding of how it works. They don’t.) But whatever the sport, watching the Olympics has been a wonderful time for excitement and laughter.

If you live in a house or an apartment or a suite, having a TV in your common room/living room can be a fabulous way to bring people together. Yes, televisions are distracting, but you can’t do homework all the time, and streaming shows on your laptop can be lonely. With a real TV, people who live together and their friends have the opportunity to bond over sitcoms, movies, sporting events, and whatever random crap is on at 3 in the morning. Most of the time, it’s not even the show that matters–it’s the people you share it with.

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