February 2014
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92 days ’til Graduation

The snow days have caused the McDaniel students and staff to jumble their schedules around quite a bit the past few weeks. One important event in my life had to be rescheduled because of all the snow. Last Thursday, February 13th, was supposed to be the 100 Days ‘Til Graduation Celebration for us seniors. It is now rescheduled to this Friday, which makes it 92 Days Til’ Graduation. It definitely does not sound as cool, but it will be a great time!

The activities they have planned for us will be a blast and part of the celebration actually begins tomorrow. Thursdays is the ever-popular Chicken Tender Thursdays! So tomorrow at lunch, we get to have our own chicken tender line! That may not sound like a big deal to all of you, but the lines get insanely long on those days, so it really is a bonus. On Friday mornings, they are serving Panera Bagels to seniors and they will have golf carts around to drive us to all of our classes. Then, Friday night, we are having a senior class champagne toast, where some seniors will be giving speeches. We have to dress in semi-formal attire, so it will be fun to see all my friends looking classy! :)

I am looking forward to all of the events ahead of me during my last semester! I hope this gives all of you something to look forward to when you are seniors.

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