February 2014
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Study Abroad Friendships

Today is one of my good friends 21st Birthday. We met while we were studying abroad together and really got along and spent a decent amount of our time together. Hence why I am writing about study abroad friendships.

When you decide to study abroad you make the decision to leave what you know here on The Hill and experience life in a different setting. I was sad to leave my friends behind but was looking forward to the new friends I would make and all the adventures I would take. The group from the main campus that went to Budapest, Hungary at the same time I did was a really big group. There was a total of 20 of us that went together.

Thankfully, we all got along well and were able to hang out together in big groups but also hang out in little groups with different people. Personally, I grew close to two of the girls, Maggie and Emily, and the three of us were irrepressible for the majority of the trip. We all knew when we returned to school this would not be the case. School would return to normal, we would not be traveling almost every weekend, and ‘normal’ life activities would come back.

Even though this did happen and we do not see each other as often as we’d like the three of us still get together. I know that when I need these girls, or almost anyone from the trip, they will be there to help me. The group decided that we should get together soon but since we all have crazy schedules it is difficult to do. We still go and support each other at sporting events, encourage each other to do our best in school, and remind each other of the fun times we had.

I am very grateful of these friendships I have come across from studying abroad. Although they are not your typical college see each other every day type of friendships I still know I have a huge support group behind me.

Hope everyone enjoys the warmer weather heading our way! :)

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