February 2014
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Senior Year

As I have said before, I am a senior here at McDaniel College. I am very excited about what the future holds but am also terrified to enter the real world. Fortunately I still have 91 days (yes there is a countdown going on) left in my college career.

Since I am a senior in the Exercise Science Department I am required to complete a senior capstone as well as a senior seminar. For Exercise Science majors you take Senior Capstone your fall semester of your senior year followed by Senior Seminar your spring semester. For capstone you focus on writing a research proposal on a topic you are interested in. Then in the spring semester you put this proposal into action and complete your own research.

Although this sounds difficult it is not as hard as you would expect. Yes I put all my time into my research, and yes it is a challenge, but I chose a topic I am interested in which makes it all worth wild.

I am researching to see if static stretching has an effect on ones vertical jump height. As of now I am still in the process of collecting data and finding my results. Other EPE seniors are doing research as well on a wide variety of topics. We all enjoy being able to pick what interests us and being able to focus on one specific aspect of physiology.

I can’t wait to write more about my research once it is complete.

Hope everyone is enjoying this sunny day. =]


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