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Vegetarianism/Veganism in Westminster

If you’re on a restricted diet, dining options in your college town can play a pretty big role in where you choose to go. For all of my veggie friends out there who are interested in McDaniel, I’d like to give a rundown of good local restaurants. (I’ve also written about vegetarianism on campus: check this blog entry and this article from the student newspaper).

Cup Tea Bar- I literally can’t sing enough praises for this spot. It’s within walking distance from campus, and they have vegan cheese options for their sandwiches, flatbreads, and sandwiches. You can also get your lattes and other hot drinks with almond milk.

A flatbread with vegan cheese at Cup

A flatbread with vegan cheese at Cup

Asian Sakae- Vegan sushi and main dishes are available. You have to drive to get here, but they also deliver to campus.

Thai Classic- Get the tofu Pad Thai. Just do it. This restaurant is on Main Street, within walking distance from campus.

Classico- If you’re interested in Italian food, this family-owned restaurant has some of the best vegetarian pizza, subs, and pasta dishes in town.

J Cafe- This adorable cafe is open for breakfast and lunch, and this is a perfect place to bring your parents while on a college visit. The building is an old, renovated house, and the staff is friendly and attentive. Beyond good veggie options on the menu, they specialize in homemade cupcakes.

Feel free to comment with questions about vegetarianism in college/in Westminster!

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