March 2014
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Gearing up for Midterms!

Hey all,

Gearing up for midterms this semester has been surprisingly non-stressful. Though I’m taking my maximum allotted 22 credits, or six total classes, I only have one mid-term. This is one of the benefits of my majors–English and Political Science–as normally these classes are more likely to assign papers in place of exams. (For me, this is great because I don’t mind writing essays but I always do horribly with tests.)

This semester, I’ve turned in one midterm paper already, and have another one that will be due after spring break. My Spanish class has regular tests throughout the semester instead of one weighty midterm, which I enjoy because it means I’m not particularly stressed about one test. My digital MIDI class has a project due after spring break, too.

However, the one midterm I have to worry about is the one I’d worry most about anyway. I have the ‘female computer science minor’ syndrome, where I can’t help feeling less capable than my peers. This stems from my high school AP computer science class. Though I aced the class and the AP exam, I had peers who were off making money off apps they designed, and I felt behind. This semester’s computer science class is the first I’ve taken since, and the class that’ll cement my decision to be a computer science minor. We’ve only had one miniscule graded homework assignment so far, and I have no idea how my professor tests, so I’m nervous. However, since I’ve been taking pristine notes, I’m sure I’ll make it through alive.

One more week until spring break… although is it kind of sad that I’ll miss having classes?!


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