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Decker Auditorium Movies

These days, movie prices can be so expensive. It is hard to find a theater where you will spend less than $10 for your movie experience. Luckily, here at McDaniel, we get our own, FREE theater about once a month. Decker Auditorium has a huge screen and movie theater-like seats, so it makes you feel like you are not even on campus! You can bring your own snacks and watch a blockbuster hit on the big screen without spending a dime.

Posters are plastered around campus with the movie schedule, so you know when your favorites are coming. Like I said earlier, it is generally about one movie a month, but they are usually huge hits that everyone wants to see. We actually just had one playing this week. I wasn’t able to go, but I heard it was “Identity Theft,” which is hilarious! I have definitely attended my fair share of McDaniel movie nights, though, which included: “The Conjuring,” “The Great Gatsby,” and many more. It is the best feeling to throw on some sweatpants, grab some snacks, and walk a short 2 minutes to the auditorium to watch a movie you would have normally spent over $10 on.

However, McDaniel doesn’t only play movies in Decker Auditorium. When it is warm outside, they will sometimes set up a screen in what we call Red Square. It is the big open plaza right outside our library and it is the perfect space to watch a movie. I remember watching “The Avengers” out there the fall of my junior year. There is sometimes pizza included, which is just an added bonus!

As you may be able to tell, McDaniel movies are a great deal that we are lucky to have here on the Hill! :)

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