March 2014
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Just like many of you I am not the biggest fan of studying but it’s one of those things that we all have to do. For me, finals week is always the worst but midterms week is still pretty bad. This year I have two tests this week for midterms and I already took one last week. Therefore I’ve been spending most of my time studying.

Last Friday I took my second exam in Exercise Physiology and I feel as though I did pretty well. I started to study for that test a week ago and studied on and off for it all week. Wednesday night and Thursday I spent almost all of my free time studying (I even studied while I worked out on Thursday).

This week, I have a Behavioral Neuroscience test on Wednesday and a Human Behavior test on Thursday. Once again I will be spending all my free time studying. Not only do I have to study but I have to complete a write-up for exercise physiology lab and work on my research for capstone.

Although I have a crazy week ahead of me before spring break I know I am able to handle it and complete everything. I have learned a few tricks over the years. First, use the library!! There is so much space and always someplace you can find to study and work. Also, there are people are around to help if you need it. Second, get plenty of sleep!! If you do not sleep at all you most likely will not be able to perform at your best. Third, workout! Working out allows for you to have some free time to clear you head and release some of that energy you have stored up!

These things will make it possible for me to get through my week and to do well on my tests and other work.

I hope these three simple tips can help you study!

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