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Chamber Music on the Hill

Hey all,

McDaniel is part of a program called Chamber Music on the Hill, that sponsors musicians from all over to come to the Forum in McDaniel and play on a Sunday afternoon. Yesterday, a group known as the Westminster Trio performed, with a special guest who’d come from Florida. The program sponsors about four shows a year. One falls in summer, sadly, but normally students are able to go to the other ones. While for adults the program costs $20, with our McDaniel IDs, we get in free.

I went to the first concert of the year back in October by myself and was utterly mindblown. I’ve forgotten where one of the performers was from, but he had about ten different types of flutes. As a flautist myself, I was exceedingly enthused to see all the sounds that they made. He was super lively as a person, too, and he explained how each instrument worked.

The concert in November was cancelled due to the McBlackout, sadly, and has been rescheduled for the day after I leave campus in May. When I went to the concert yesterday, I’d kind of forgotten how amazing the first one was. While this one wasn’t quite as good because of the different variety of music, it was still immensely beautiful and I found it really relaxing to just listen to quality live music for an hour and a half and to try and destress myself.

The Forum wasn’t packed, but there were a ton of people from the Westminster community who’d come out to see the show. It’s great to see that McDaniel’s able to help sponsor something that also helps the community. Events like these keep me sane, and I’m really grateful that McDaniel offers them.


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