March 2014
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Hello everyone! Before pouring in my experiences I had in and out of McDaniel, I would like to give a short introduction of myself first, otherwise you all would be wondering who is this person coming all of a sudden with a flight route. So my name is Lamia Rhymee. I come from the opposite side of the world as you can see from Dhaka, Bangladesh (It is a whole day flight. Trust me, it’s not easy especially if you have motion sickness.). I joined McDaniel in Fall 2013. I got to know about McDaniel College from two of my cousins who graduated from McDaniel College, one in 1996 and the other in 1998. The main reason I wanted to come here in US for my undergraduate years was because I found liberal arts approach of teaching a valuable one; this learning approach has not been successfully established in my country yet. The curriculum is rigid there and you need to know what specialization you are going to do beforehand when you start college. But I wanted my options to be flexible. I found liberal arts curriculum necessary because it targets a student’s holistic growth- personal, social, professional and intellectual. I was in search of a place where I could fulfill this motive and satisfy my diverse interests. McDaniel College with its own McDaniel Plan seemed to be the place for me. This college believes in that growth. I liked the idea of fulfilling this McDaniel Plan as a graduation requirement. It ensures that a student is taking courses from multiple diverse fields.

Other reasons for choosing to come to McDaniel were its affordability- receiving a full tuition scholarship from McDaniel took a huge financial burden off of my family and is really making my education possible here, a community which gives off so much warmth and positive vibes, small and beautiful campus and talented professors. Currently I am undecided of my major but I am following a pre-medicine track as I have plans to go to a medical school in future. I am becoming more inclined to major in Chemistry though. I find McDaniel’s Chemistry Department really strong. So far as an international student, I am transitioning well here. I am actually thankful to my first year seminar peer mentor and my international peer mentor. They have been a huge support to me. So this is my short (not really short) formal introduction. I have loads of stories to tell. It will be an interesting exploration as you will get to know about my hilarious transitioning experiences in this home away from home and will get to know more about the place where I come from and how different it is from US. So keep following!

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