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Glar adventures

Hi guys!

One thing that every college student worries about is food. There’s simply no way that the food at a college is going to be the same as home cooked meals—you try cooking for 1600 students! Though, coming from a summer with Employee Dining Room meals in Yellowstone, Glar is practically gourmet to me, I’ve found some ways to liven up meals even more.

My friend thinks that french fries taste better when you break them into small pieces.

Glarshakes are my favourite. Most of the time, Glar had two flavours of frozen yoghurt out—chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. I take a cup, fill it halfway with chocolate or strawberry frozen yoghurt, and then fill it with chocolate milk. I use a knife to mix it, and ta-da! A glarshake. These are absolutely delicious, and I’ve probably had too many across the year. I’ve heard you can also add peanut butter, though I haven’t tried that yet.

Another frosty thrill I’ve learned how to make is spiders—root beer floats, but with any type of soda instead of root beer (though if you want to use root beer, go for it.) Glar has ice cream. If they don’t have small tubs, they have ice cream sandwiches, with vanilla ice cream in the middle. Plop the ice cream into a cup of soda, and poof! You have a float.

And sometimes we have ice cream sundae bars!

Glar has a panini press, which a lot of people use to make sandwiches into hot paninis using ham and cheese or plain bread and cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich. One thing that all New Zealanders like myself know is that pineapple and cheese taste amazing together. It’s just like a Hawaiian pizza! Though the sandwich station doesn’t have pineapple, you can add pineapple from the salad par. Put it in the panini press and you have a delicious hot sandwich!

This is less exciting, but when there’s tomato soup, I take shredded cheese from the salad bar and add it to the soup. The melted cheese is really yummy and the soup warms me up on cold days.


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