March 2014
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F to (E)Mbody

Last night, F to (E)Mbody finally got to take place at McDaniel after being snowed out not once but twice this semester. The show is the brainchild of hip-hop and spoken word artists Rocco Katastrophe and Athens Boys Choir (also known as Rocco and Katz), who talk about their experiences with love, relationships, and being transgender men.

Rocco and Katz have been coming to campus annually for the past few years now. Two years ago, I caught the end of their show, and I’d been waiting to see them again since. This year was a great year to go because it’s Rocco’s last year touring and doing the show, so seeing them was a now-or-ever sort of experience.

The event was put on by Allies, McDaniel’s student LGBT organization, with the help of McDaniel’s Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. Allies works to create an atmosphere of inclusivity on campus through hosting events and sponsoring campaigns to create awareness and understanding of gender and sexual minorities.

Overall, I had a great time at this year’s show. Rocco and Katz are both really funny guys. When not rapping or reciting spoken word poetry, they told corny jokes and fascinating stories about their lives. They’re also friendly. After the show, they were happy to talk to concert attendees and pose for pictures, and I enjoyed getting to meet them.

Rocco and Katz both have important things to say about the experience of being transgender, and so I’m fortunate that we have organizations on campus like Allies that work to bring guys like them to campus not only for our entertainment but also to help increase our tolerance for others.

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