March 2014
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My battle with the cold is finally over!

Looks like spring is finally here! But we never know. Our dear weather has been playing some really tricky games with us. Just when we thought it would not snow anymore, there it was, our grand winter storm. So this was my first snow. I come from a country (Bangladesh) where it is 95 degree Fahrenheit most of the times. Winter there is similar to summer here in US. The first day when it started snowing, I remember,  I woke up to my friend’s call, “Rhymee, wake up, look outside of your window, it’s snowing!”. She was equally excited as I was. I woke up and instantly I hear a loud knock on my door. I didn’t even get a chance to look outside. It was my friend, Toni. She screamed, “Rhymee, it’s your first snow!”.  My reaction when I took a look outside- I got terrified, everything was completely white and nothing was visible. I said, “Toni, why is everything so white!”. She burst out laughing. Then she dragged me out of my dorm and I was amazed. It was beautiful! McDaniel looked very pretty in her snowy new attire. We ended up walking around the whole campus and taking clicks as McDaniel kept flaunting its new beauty. At the end, we did sledding. It was my first time sledding as well. I was really scared to do it at the beginning but Toni pushed me! I had so much fun. I could not wait to get back to my room and share my experiences with friends and family back home. Sadly I had to wait till night to call everyone up back home as there is an 11 hour time difference. Bangladesh is ahead by 11 hours. Yes, I was really excited the first day, I went like, “Wow, snow, you are really pretty!”, now I am like, “Stop it. Just stop it. I am tired of you. I just want warm summer to embrace me.” Looks like it is about to happen soon. I am excited to see McDaniel’s spring attire now. Looking forward to capture loads of pictures. Till then lets enjoy some of the pictures in retrospect of our snowy days! (I should have not used the word enjoy, I know we are all tired of snow, but at least the pictures would be added to our photo collection now.)

photo1 photo3 photo4 photo2

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