March 2014
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Rain rain go away

As many of you have either seen or heard, McDaniel is a beautiful campus during all four seasons. I don’t think I could pick my favorite season but during the fall I love seeing all the colors changing and during the spring I love to see all the flowers and colors resurfacing. That’s not to say campus isn’t beautiful during the winter and summer as well!

To get to my point….today (and a few previous days) it has been raining here in Westminster. The campus is still full of life and you will still see people out and about, but I will not be one of them.

This doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy my day! I will be working on homework, catching up with my roommates about each of our weekends, and enjoying my day inside to catch up on things I haven’t done in a while. Rainy days are perfect for this! As much as I love spring and the sun, I just want to be outside while it is sunny and nice.

All in all, I might not enjoy the rain as much as others, but I still find things to do and keep myself entertained.

On a side note; I met up with a younger friend from home who is looking to come to McDaniel. We went to Birdies cafe on Main st and just chatted about some of my favorite things at McDaniel. It was great seeing her and I hope she makes the choice to come to McDaniel and have as many wonderful experiences and I have.

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