April 2014
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Ed Burns

Tonight I was lucky enough to listen to a guest speaker who was the producer and screenwriter for the hit HBO series, The Wire. Ed Burns worked in both law enforcement and within the education system.

Burns has seen a lot and been through a lot throughout his life. He spoke about our society and […]

Reaching the end

Came across this today on my way upstairs to our English Department. It made my day. But on a serious note- finals coming soon in about two weeks, it is time to be mechanical.




Crunch time

It’s that time of the semester–the time when students seem a little drowsier and a lot busier than normal. With only two weeks of class before finals week, this is completely to be expected. I’ve noticed that the library is starting to get fuller and more people are scheduling appointments at the writing center than […]

Cunningham Falls!

Maryland has some of the best hiking trails! Just the other day I ventured over to Cunningham Falls, which is near Frederick.The drive was only about 45  minutes so it was not too long.

The hike was about 4-5 miles and we hiked to a waterfall! It was amazing! Cunningham Falls is not the only […]

Camping with Outdoors Club

Hey there, You may wonder what McDaniel students do on weekends, especially when it’s pouring rain. Well, Outdoors Club goes camping. > On Friday evening, five of us went to Patapsco State Park, where we pitched a tent. As soon as the tent was up, it stopped raining, of course. We were then able to […]