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Some awesome off campus spots!

McDaniel has so many great things about it. I could sit here and make a long list as to why I came to McDaniel and everything I love about it. Instead I’m going to talk briefly about a few off campus places that I love.

First, I have already briefly mentioned ┬áBirdie’s cafe on main st. I love Birdie’s for a few reasons. First, I LOVE coffee and let me tell you I LOVE a good latte. Birdie’s cafe not only has great latte but also some great food. The muffins never disappoint nor do the cookies or any of their bakery items. So, if your looking for a great cafe that’s not starbucks I suggest you try out Birdie’s.

Second, Papa Joe’s Mexican Restaurant. Being from Southern California I grew up eating Mexican food and let me tell you it is hard to not have it every day. Anyways, Papa Joe’s is a genuine Mexican Restaurant right here in Westminster MD, who knew?! I suggest taking parents or friends here when they come to visit. All of the food is awesome, especially their street tacos.

Third, J Cafe on main st. J Cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch but it has some of the best sandwiches I have ever had. J Cafe also has some great cupcakes for those of you with a sweet tooth. The soup and quiche at J Cafe are also delicious.

I could write about almost every restaurant on Main st. but I won’t. Instead, my advice is to try all the different restaurants and enjoy the family owned restaurants and cafes that are around.

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