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Westminster Clean Up

Today I volunteered in a project called the Westminster Clean up! It is an annual thing that McDaniel and Carroll County Community College join up for. Students can volunteer on their own or as groups, such as sports teams or campus organizations. Then they are split into teams and sent on various missions across the town.

My team met up with a City worker and the 5 of us helped him pick up trash along the water ways or drainages, and along the railroad tracks. He told us that the drainages are built to stop a lot of the trash from getting into the bay through the pipes when it rains. It was nice to see that the drainages were doing their jobs and then it was our job to get all the trash out of there. We worked for about two hours and filled at least 10 trash bags! It was very gratifying at the end to see those water ways looking much better.

While cleaning up trash may not be an ideal Saturday, it was nice to be outside and great to know we were helping the environment. We were showing pride in our college town and making Westminster be a little cleaner. There are other perks as well! For being a volunteer, you get a Westminster Clean up tshirt and pizza at the end for lunch! Not too bad of deal if you ask me. :) So if you enjoy volunteering, I highly recommend the Westminster Clean Up!

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