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The Signs of Love

I am not sure if I really believe in signs or not, but if I did, I would say that I had two really big ones this past week. For a couple of weeks, there was this guy I was interested in, but it did not work out. Being my naturally overdramatic self, I vowed to never love again, and I am planning to join or perhaps create my own hermit colony (Yes, I know it is an oxymoron).

Shortly after this declaration, I received my first sign. If you live on campus, your Resident Assistant (RA) makes door decorations for your building. Our first door decorations were postcards with beautiful pieces of artwork on them, but this time our door decorations were postcards with famous book on them.

Now if mine had been Pride and Prejudice or something like that, I could have interpreted its meaning very differently. However, the meaning behind my door decoration was very clear. I got The Tunnel of Love. What else could be more blatant and obvious than that?

Door decorations

Door decorations

Upon viewing this sign, I just laughed and moved on, still determined to create my hermit colony. However, last night, I also received a gift from my suitemates. They found a free book in the English department that they thought might interest me. It is a book of two plays, the second is called “Hurricane” and the first is called “The Color of Desire”.

Book from my suite mates

Book from my suite mates

Yet again, I ran into a sign telling me not to give up on love. On top of all of this, last night I met a really cool guy at the other night, so we’ll see if it goes anywhere. Moral of the story: never give up, love is out there!

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