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Tournament of Champions


The picture above is me and my buddy, Addy! I met Addy at the Tournament of Champions yesterday. The Tournament of Champions is a part of DIII week, like I discussed a blog or two ago. It is an amazing day where children of all ages with varying disabilities visit our school and play games with the McDaniel students. I must say, it is one of my favorite days of the year, and I know many other students who agree!

In the morning when everyone arrives, a McDaniel student is paired up with their buddy. The pair stays together the rest of the day and goes through all the fun activities that are set up in the gym. This year, they had games such as scooter races, soccer shoot-out, a homerun derby, 100-yard dash, and much more! I had a great time helping Addy participate and watching her have a wonderful time. We also get to eat lunch with our buddy and their families, which is nice because it gives you an opportunity to get to know them better.

After lunch, they set up a relay race for buddies and McDaniel students to do together. Addy was not into the relay race, so I ended up reading her books instead. It was just as fun for me though; I just liked hanging out with her! To conclude the day, we ended with an awards ceremony. Each and every kid received a gold medal, and they were so proud! I am so happy that I was able to be a part of such a wonderful experience. I have heard multiple McDaniel students comment on how much they love it when Tournament of Champions comes around and I think it speaks for the kind of people we have here on the Hill. It makes me proud to be a part of such a community service loving place :) If you come to McDaniel or if you are a McDaniel student and have not participated in Tournament of Champions, do it. You will not regret it!

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