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Senior Capstone

This past Thursday I officially finished my senior capstone. I have briefly talked about this before but each major does a senior capstone/ seminar and presents theirs a different way.

I wrote a past blog about what I did for mine but for those of you who did not see it, I looked at the effect of static-stretching on vertical jump height. I am an exercise science major so for our capstone’s we write a paper, make a poster, then have a poster presentation with all of the exercise science majors. This year there are 28 of us graduating with a degree with exercise science therefore there were 28 posters.

We each had to hang up our posters sometime on Thursday before 3:30. Our poster presentations went from 4-6 pm, where we each stood by our posters and talked briefly about what we did, why we did it, and what we found. All of our professors came around and asked us questions and used this as part of our grade.

The presentation’s are open to anyone so several people’s parents came as well has several students and a few other faculty members. Before we started everyone seemed to be nervous but about 15 minutes in we all calmed down and enjoyed it.

I am relieved that this part of my capstone is finished! The only thing I have left is to turn in my paper, which I am almost done with.

It is extremely bittersweet as well because it means my senior year is officially coming to an end.


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