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Alright so as I have mentioned several times I am from Southern California. As much as I love this and loving going to school on the east coast there is one thing that sucks…packing!

Each year I struggle with what to pack. This goes for coming back and school and leaving school at the end of the year.

At the end of each year I have way to many clothes to fit in one checked bag as well as way to many pictures I want to take home. I am always reminded by my parents though that I will be back and just leave all your winter clothes in storage, it doesn’t get blow 80 during the summer. So I pack up and leave in storage everything except workout clothes, summer clothes, and a few pair of sweats (cause you can always wear sweats).

This year it is a bit different.. I am not just packing to return in 3 short months. Instead I have to pack everything up and decide what stays at my aunts (thankfully she lives close and allows me to store things there), what I want to keep at home, and what I want to throw away. This is especially hard because I have zero clue where I will be applying for grad school this coming fall.

With this all being said I have a few packing tips for everyone.

  1.  Pack what you need.
  2. start packing early
  3. if you no longer wear something, get ride of it. Do not keep it, it will just take up space.
  4. Last, ask your parents for help… mine live 3000 miles away and are still helping in any way they can.


Hope this helps everyone!!

Even though packing sucks I would never trade it for going to school closer to home. McDaniel has become home.

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