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Graduation…My Brother’s, That Is

Last Saturday, I had the honor of being able to see my twin brother graduate with his associates degree…just in time for him to start working full-time this passed Monday. It was a long day since we had to wake before the sun to get there in time, but it was worth it to see him in a cap and gown, getting his diploma.

The experience got me thinking about how fast we’ve grown up. I’m only twelve minutes older than him, so there isn’t much of an age difference to put his experience into perspective. We are the same age, and he’s engaged and graduated. I still remember going to his youth baseball games, senior night for football/cheerleading when our parents had to walk out twice, once with him and once with me. I still remember dropping him off at school and meeting some of his suitemates, who are now a few of his closest friends.

So he has a degree and a fiance and a full-time job.

And I have…plans to be in school for at least another two years, most likely plus however much grad school I decide to take.

Still, I keep thinking ahead, to when I’ll be getting my diploma, because I know I’ll be looking back on his graduation and pondering that it wasn’t so long ago.

But I have another two years for that, at least, and I’m proud of my brother for getting so far in life.

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