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Oh the places 2014 will go!

When I logged onto Facebook this afternoon, I was delighted to see the faces of two of my senior friends, Amber and Lauren, accompanying an article posted to McDaniel College’s Facebook page. The photo was a fun reminder of the time I spent with them in Europe over Jan Term and the article was full of snippets of what so many McDaniel seniors are going to be doing after they graduate on Saturday.

My friends Amber and Lauren, in front of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna during our Jan Term.

I already knew that Amber is going to grad school at DePaul University to study rhetoric and composition and that Lauren is moving to Oklahoma to work for the AmeriCorps affiliate Reading Partners–I wrote about their plans and the plans of the Free Press’s other two graduating editors in this McDaniel Free Press article.

These editors are by no means that only two graduating seniors with big plans. As I read through the McDaniel article, the list of seniors recognized and cool things they want to do with their lives kept growing and growing! Lots of students already have full-time jobs and grad school lined up. My friend Andrea, for example, will be pursuing a Master’s in Library Science at Pitt this fall, where she’ll specialize in Archives. A couple of my other fellow English majors are going to go work at Disney World.

Students graduating from McDaniel’s Honors Program have plans that include attending law school, working as a campaign staffer, working as teachers, and going to optometry school.

Some seniors also finished up their degrees in December and have already gone out into the “real world,” doing things like working and even hiking the Appalachian Trail before returning to McDaniel this weekend for commencement.

You’ve got to read this article about McDaniel’s class of 2014. You’ll learn so much about what students did during their time at McDaniel and how they’ll continue to lead amazing lives.

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