August 2014
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RA Training

Hi there,

This year, I’m lucky enough to be an RA (Resident Assistant) for the College on the 2nd floor of Albert Norman Ward (ANW). As an RA, I help to make my floor a place conducive to fun and learning, and I’m the main point person to deal with any troubles students on my floor may have by keeping administration up to date, submitting work orders, etc. I also get to plan events for my residents.

All 33 of us have been back since August 9th (or August 8th in my case) and we had two weeks of intense training on how to deal with every and any scenario that might come up. There’s no way to be prepared for anything and I’ve learned that one of the most important things is knowing how to be flexible, but after the training and now that I’ve been on “duty,” responsible for doing rounds, handling lock-outs, and ensuring that everything is in order, I’m much more confident in my job for the year. We had a lot of informational sessions and lectures, some roleplaying of scenarios, and practice in planning events. It’s a huge responsibility, but I know I can rely on the other RAs if anything happens.

My residents all seem pretty cool. The best thing about being on duty is keeping my door open all evening and seeing who stops by to chat and say hi. It’s also encouraged people to come and work in my room, and I do love having company while I’m studying or doing homework. I love that we can have that community here. I’m particularly enthralled by my staff–those of us who work in ANW and in Blanche Ward HAlls under the supervision of our area coordinator, Danielle. Below, you can see us smiling happily at the banquet we had at the end of training!


ra training

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