November 2014
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Planning My Future

I love travelling, I love looking at maps, and I love planning my future. That said, this week was fun! [Note: I have 2 sisters, one lives in Washington, DC, and one lives in Gonaives, Haiti.]

First, my father and I finalized my travel plans for Thanksgiving/Winter Break; they are awesome! My sister and I […]

Sandy, How We Love Thee

Hurricane Sandy was awesome. She raged for 2 days, dropping lots of rain and blowing lots of wind, but she really didn’t cause any lasting damage here at McDaniel. So basically we got 2 days off from school todo whatever we wanted! She was basically Maryland’s version of a snow day, which of course is […]

Ice Skating Fridays

My friends and I have a new awesome tradition: Ice skating every Friday! I grew up in New England, skating on frozen ponds and rivers every winter with my family. Skating outdoors is the best. I have fond memories of shoveling p ice rinks and playing pick up hockey with my dad and brother, or […]

Corn Maze

On Saturday I went to a corn maze in Pennsylvania called Maize Quest. I went freshman year too, and it’s the only corn maze I’ve ever been to (we don’t have many corn fields in Boston). Simply put, Maize Quest is the single greatest day ever.

Three of my closest friends (Becky, Kyle, and Joel) […]


Wednesday night was the second presidential debate. Fortunately for people looking to make a decision, both candidates made great points and solid cases. Unfortunately, that performance also invited both parties to insult the other. McDaniel is no different: all over campus, students are talking about who “won” the debate.

┬áIn truth, nobody “wins” a debate. […]