November 2014
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Choices After Dark

I thought my schedule was a thing of beauty. I have no classes on Monday or Wednesday until 6:50 at night, and two classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 4:10, with another class on Thursday nights from 7-10 p.m. But despite all that open time during the day, it turns out sleeping in […]

Goodwill and Westminster Fun

In honor of my birthday, my sister came up (from D.C.) to spend the weekend with me. We kept the Friday night calm, going to the campus showing of Sky Fall. James Bond will always have a special place in my heart, especially those played by Sean Connery. I grew up on these movies (along […]

Interviewing Strangers

Besides being an English major, I’m also pursuing a minor in Writing as well as Journalism. Last semester, I interned with the Baltimore Sun’s Features department and got a taste for what it would be like after I graduated. To put it simply, I was terrified. After I got over my fear of driving into […]

Turning 21

Birthdays are always worth mentioning. My birthday was this past Monday, the 11th, but as any child will tell you, it lasts the whole week. Especially in college, when packages and cards arrive sporadically. But this time, it was extended for a different reason: Westminster’s night life. As my actual birthday was on a Monday, […]

Gala and Show: The Vagina Monologues

Saturday was a full day. As a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma, a service organization, we frequently make time to help out our sisters with their events when we can. One such event was the Vagina Monologues (a show held worldwide dedicated to ending violence against women). Two of our sisters were directing the production […]