November 2014
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Allergy Season

One of the most difficult things about spring is allergies. If I could find a way for allergies to not exist, I would. They are painful and awful. I have noticed this spring, however, that far more people are struggling than I have ever seen before. People are sneezing, sniffling, and going through tissues at […]

Three Ways to Do a Final Exam

Having been through four years of finals (eight if you count high school) there are three main ways I have noticed that someone can take a final. Here are the three that I see on campus.

1) The procrastinator: This student does everything at absolutely the┬álast┬áminute. You see them in the library one hour before […]

Sociology Posters

This week we are presenting our Sociology final presentations for our capstone class. I am incredibly nervous, but also excited. The Sociology department works very hard to produce good research. In fact, last semester, we had to walk around randomly surveying the entire school. The process took several weeks, but it was worthwhile because Sociology […]

Last Week of Classes

This week is the last week of classes. It is hard coming to terms with the fact that it is my last week as an undergraduate. Yesterday I had my last Monday! This is partially exciting, because Mondays are always difficult, but it still feels crazy to imagine that in a few short weeks I […]

Senior Seminar Presentations

Something that happens during the last weeks of the spring are the senior seminar presentations. This is the time when seniors start presenting on what they have been working on all semester, or sometimes all year, for their capstones. Seniors are making Facebook events and inviting friends to see the culmination of all of their […]