November 2014
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Honors, Honors, and more Honors

At McDaniel there are a bunch of different ways to show off your academic skills. There are a variety of forms of “honors” and over the years I have accomplished a few.

1) Phi Beta Kappa – This is the most well known honors society. It is a national society that has existed for hundreds […]

Finding Work

As a senior it is all well and good if you plan to go to graduate school. Many of my friends are getting acceptances from law school, physical therapy school, you name it. These are the folk everyone else envies as we try to find jobs and internships.

Senior year is overwhelming as it is. […]

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung and fling has flung… wait what am I talking about? Spring Fling! Every year we celebrate spring with a day of fun and joyous partying. It is lovely. I like to think of it as a last day off before I buckle down and do some hard work. It’s a great way […]

Admitted Students

This weekend and last weekend I helped out with something called Admitted Students Day. This is a day when people who were admitted to the college can come get tours, visit with departments, and generally see what the school is all about before making their final decisions. I worked at the study abroad table promoting […]

Starry Night Adventures

As college students we try to keep up with what is going on in the world. This weekend there was a solar flare that made a rare opportunity for people to possibly see the Northern Lights. Since nothing else was going on, my friends and I decided to try and see them (despite the fact […]