November 2014
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College Night Life

So other than typical drinking nights (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) one might wonder, what do students do after classes are over? Classes are finished around 4 p.m. (unless you have a night class). If you don’t play a sport during this season this leaves you with a lot of free time before bed, assuming that a […]

Service Learning Conference

One fantastic thing about being a college student are the conferences. There are always opportunities to connect with other schools and bring together ideas about college student life and anything else under the sun. This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a service learning conference, hoping to promote more service learning in college […]


It is amazing the feats that people accomplish here on campus. I am constantly surprised by what events people manage to pull off. This morning I came across one such surprise. I was walking to the library and stumbled upon a group of tables outside of the dining hall.

It is not rare to see […]

Just a Walk

There is nothing like spring for getting people out and about. Today I went on a beautiful walk around Westminster. It is easy to forget what a nice town it is when holed up for the winter. I also was able to see some parts of Westminster for the first time.

Not only did I […]

A Proud Woman

This week, surprisingly, there are many women events going on. As a women’s studies minor I have had many opportunities to participate in women themed events. I performed in two shows about female sexuality. Not only that but we have a women’s issues group on campus as well.

This week there are two events going […]