November 2014
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Student Teaching

On January 9th, I started what is sure to be an incredible way to end my time here at McDaniel.  I started my professional semester that ties into my Education degree, which means that I’m spending my semester Student Teaching.  My first half of the semester, I’ll be at Manchester Valley High School, which is […]

Spending New Year’s in the Happiest Place on Earth

After a crazy two weeks of working in retail, I had the perfect way to de-stress before starting the new semester, and more importantly, Student Teaching!  My best friend and I had decided that spending the beginning of January in Disney World would be a fantastic idea.  It was the first vacation that either one […]

My Last Finals Week

As the semester comes to a close, so does my last finals week ever!  Since I’ll be Student Teaching next semester, I won’t be taking any classes, except for the one that goes along with my Student Teaching experience, which means–no finals!  Any student will tell you that finals week is stressful, no matter where […]

Salvation Army Toy Drive

During finals week, I took a trip to The Salvation Army with two of my sisters and another McDaniel student that was interested in doing community service.  As soon as I heard about this project, I was very excited about it and really wanted to go.  Even though it was right before the day I […]

Dinner at McDaniel’s Own White House

Last week, I was invited to go to dinner at the President’s House, along with the other tour guides.  This was my second time having dinner at the President’s House and I was very excited to go!  Dr. Roger Casey, our President, and his wife Robyn were super welcoming to all of us!  Their house […]