November 2014
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Meeting Places

McDaniel is full of places to meet and gather with a friend or two.

Whether you are meeting with a friend between classes, or peer to discuss a class assignment, there is going to be a spot for you. Here are some of my favorite meeting spots on campus.

1. Coffee shop

Of course, this […]

Spring Fling

I just celebrated my last spring fling on campus, one of my favorite campus traditions.

Students generally go to bed early the night before to prepare themselves for the long day ahead. And end up passing out early after the exciting events.

Not only is the student body celebrating surviving another year, but we are […]

Field Trip to D.C.

This week, my Native American art class headed to D.C. with several other art classes to visit some museums and see some of the art we have been discussing this semester. My class of course went to the National Museum of the American Indian.

The museum is unique on the mall and was just completed […]

Language Lab

One of the hidden treasures at McDaniel is the language lab. Located in the basement of Baker Memorial Chapel, this is a space where students can work on projects using innovative technology.

The lab is not just for the foreign language department, although it does have state-of-the-art software that is also used by the US […]

McDaniel’s Choice

The Free Press embarked on a new endeavor this spring.

The editors came up with the idea to have a survey for students to fill out that would compile a list of favorite places on campus and in town.

It features questions from favorite pub meal, to most college friendly grocery store, to best Greek […]