November 2014
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Peer Editing

Peer editing is an important part of the process, particularly in college where professors do not have time to individually read and edit each student’s paper before they need to be turned in for a grade.

Many of my classes have built in time for peer editing before a larger assignment is done. You will […]

Nighttime Happenings

As you probably guessed, students do much more than just their homework at night.

While homework takes a priority over other things (right, guys…?), students need a break too and there are lots of things to do in the evenings on campus.

Generally, campus groups and organizations will hold their meetings in the evening hours […]

Senior Seminar

I have discussed this in earlier blog posts, but it’s time for me to really explain about senior seminar. It doesn’t help that it is all I can think about right now as I work on it every spare minute.

For each major on campus, you have a culminating capstone that demonstrates everything you have […]

Prepping for the Real World

Although real world preparation is not something that I have just started, it is something that I am getting more serious about as the end of the school year, and my undergraduate career, approaches.

Thankfully, McDaniel does a great job of preparing their students for life after college. The first step is gaining experience while […]

Spring Break

Spring Break is HERE!

Officially it started for me yesterday, since I have no classes on Fridays. But that’s a minor detail…

This first weekend is for getting some work done and getting organized for the trip. Monday my roommate Shannon and I leave for Florida! We will be in Daytona Monday through Friday […]