November 2014
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Midterm Week

It’s that unavoidable point in the semester that every student dreads: midterms. Of course they come right before spring break, looming over your head as you’re busy thinking about the beach you’ll be laying on at that time next week.

I always get lucky and usually have a mixture of tests, papers, or projects, making […]

Green Terror Baseball

Baseball is¬†undoubtedly¬†my favorite sport, so of course I am a fan of the McDaniel Green Terror baseball team. Like the 22 other sports here, we compete in Division III in the Centennial Conference. Not does this conference denote teams that are all 100 years old and older, it is also the third smartest conference in […]

Snow Day

I thought I was ready for spring. With Daylight Savings Time over on Sunday and the air slowly getting warmer, March seemed to be off to a great start. Mother Nature obviously thought differently.

Tomorrow McDaniel students have a snow day! And while I definitely don’t need anymore snow this winter, I’m always a fan […]

The Plague

You probably read enough about it on everyone else’s blogs… but it was a pretty important happening on campus last week so here we go – THE MCVIRUS 2013.

A term that was coined by students and the McDaniel Free Press, it is actually a slight misnomer because we are not the only people to […]

Campus Employment

Whether work study becomes a part of your financial aid at McDaniel or if you just need a job to support that college lifestyle, there are many jobs to be found on campus.

Some jobs are reserved for students with work study. A list is published online, with information on how to apply, and it […]