November 2014
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One Last Concert

I’m a violinist. I’ve been playing violin since the third grade- and I pity my parents during those early years… There was elementary, middle, and high school orchestra and private lessons. At McDaniel I had the option of taking orchestra, but there are also private music lessons!

Starting freshman year, I began taking half hour […]

Fire Dancers & Survivors: Senior Honors Banquet

As the end of the semester keeps drawing closer, many departments, sports teams and honor societies are all having their end of the year banquets and dinners. ┬áThe Honors Program is not exception, and this past Sunday we had our “Senior Honors Banquet”… but it was a Banquet like no other…

Why you ask? First […]

Field Trip! McDaniel has a farm?

It’s a rare occasion in college that you actually get to go on a class field trip-unless you’re in the Field Botany class. I hear from my friend in that this semester that everyday they get to go hiking somewhere different and plan on how to survive an Apocalypse by surviving the woods. How awesome […]

Spring Evenings and Interviews

This is shaping up to be a very interesting, albeit hectic, week! Spring is most definitely in the air- and yet Sunday and Monday were chilly once more… The most sure sign of it actually being spring, despite the fluctuating temperatures however, are the flowers! Everywhere on campus the flowers have sprung up, on the […]

A Campus-Wide Day Off

Most people have posted on spring fling, but I wanted to show you a rather unique perspective. You see, despite being a senior on campus, I’ve only been on campus in the spring my freshman year. Sophomore spring I spent in Scotland (it was glorious), and the spring of my junior year I spent in […]