November 2014
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McDaniel in the Spring!

It’s been nearly three years since I’ve been on campus in the spring – studying abroad twice in the spring semester made me forget nearly everything that goes on here during the spring! It turns out: McDaniel is gorgeous in the spring! Everywhere things are turning green and flowering, so I thought I’d post a […]

When I was Katniss

This Friday was… the Literary Masquerade! Sound bizarre? Put on the by the Honors Program and the English Department, the Literary Masquerade is essentially a fun night where you come dressed as a character from a book, hang out, dance and eat.

One of my friends was planning it and had the brilliant idea to […]

An Evening at the Hippodrome: Les Misérables

One of the really fun things that the Office of Student Engagement sponsors each semester is a trip to go see some kind of profession musical or play. Last fall it was Wicked, and this spring: Les Misérables! Yesterday, Wednesday night was the trip, and we took a bus down to the Hippodrome in Baltimore.



This past Monday there was a screening of “Nefarious,” a film on human trafficking, and particularly, sex trafficking and the global sex industry. It’s a heavy subject, but one that needs to be addressed and that everyone should be concerned with. I was impressed by the turnout at the screening, we probably had more than […]

What goes down at night

Evenings at McDaniel are pretty much whatever you feel like doing! Take last night for examle: a Friday night, most of us were exhausted and just tired. Some of my friends decided to go watch the Dangersauce Improv Show, which is always a fun evening of comedy. I opted for a bit of a chill […]