November 2014
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The fun in registering for classes

Every year, once each semester, students go through one of the most traumatic and exasperating experiences of college: class registration. Maybe that was an over exaggeration, but most students will complain that this time of year is rough. If it wasn’t hard enough that you have to pick a major and do well in […]

Pumping Iron…No but Really…

One of the best things you can do for yourself while you’re at McDaniel is go to the gym. College in general is not that healthy. In general it entails staying up late working on assignments, eating while you’re doing it, spending copious amounts of time sitting doing work, and let’s face it–glar isn’t […]

Lia Purpura Came to Speak!

Tonight was very unique. A guest lecturer and poet, Lia Purpura, read tonight at the annual Bothe lecture, a lecture held every year in honor of Judge Elsbeth Levy Bothe of the Maryland Circuit Court who donated generously to McDaniel in support of the arts and passed away this past March. Normally lectures like […]

Road Trip!!!!!

I think the value of a good road trip has been lost among our age group. For example, some of the best memories I will take from the year’s Spring Break will be from the 13 hour drives there and back with two of my best friends. Regardless of this, three other friends who […]

Spring Break: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

One of the best parts of college is, of course, Spring Break. You’ve seen it portrayed in the movies, tv shows, and you’ve probably had a few great spring breaks of your own in high school, but in all honesty nothing can truly compare to the awesomeness of a well planned Spring Break combined […]