November 2014
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What to do when nobody’s around

To be honest, the rare occasions where the entire campus clears out for breaks and only a few students who have a reason to stay into the weekend are occupying the dorms are the best! The showers are always empty, it’s quiet, the lines in Glar are short, and you can park really close […]

Holy Midterms

If you ask just about any college student what their least favorite part of college academics is, they’ll likely respond with midterms. They do suck, no sugar-coating here. In both Fall and Spring semesters they fall right before break. You’re just ready to unwind a little because the pressure has just started to get […]

Nice Weather, Good Luck Studying

The first truly beautiful day of the year came today, just three days after the biggest snowstorm of the year. Some blame global warming, I just call it luck. Out on the quad between ANW and DMC, two dorm buildings by the gym, students were strewn about with laptops, with laptops and blankets; some tanning, […]

McDaniel Does Snowday

Today McDaniel students are all in hibernation mode since classes have been cancelled and snow has covered the campus in a pleasant, white, 3 inch blanket. All semester we have been waiting for a snowfall decent enough to cancel classes and now that it has finally happened the campus has fallen to an ironic hush. […]

When the Flu Hits, McDaniel Hits Back

Before this week I would never have known what gastroenteritis was, let alone what it could do to a campus! The term “going viral” has never meant more to me than it does now. Beginning on Tuesday night, what McDaniel students have been calling the “McVirus” or simply “The Plague” began infecting students, spreading like […]