November 2014
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KME Inductions

About two weeks ago, I was inducted into the Mathematics Honor Society, Kappa Mu Epsilon. When I first came to McDaniel, my original goal was to be a Math and Spanish double major. While that did not work out, I still love mathematics, and I have taken enough classes to be in the honors society. […]

McDaniel College Study Abroad Fair

Last week, we had a study abroad fair for McDaniel Students. The International Programs Office contacts all of our different study abroad providers, and they send representatives to give students information about studying abroad.

For this study abroad fair, I was the representative for Sol Education Abroad. Sol is the company that I went to […]

Common Rooms: Why are they so important?

Common Rooms are one of the most important places in college dorms and houses on campus. This is the place where we have meetings with resident assistants (RAs) to learn important information. This is also the place where you can watch television and relax between classes or after homework is done.

However the most important […]

Academics here on The Hill

Here at Mcdaniel academics are help as very important. Examples of this are our on campus policies where you can only hold an in club office if your gpa is above a 2.5. Other examples of education being held high is out Mcdaniel plan like I talked about last week. Academics here are supported by […]

Applying to College

College applications were the hardest time for me in high school. I had my senior portfolio going on, I was trying to deal with the fact that I was going to leave some of the people I love the most, AND I had to write an essay explaining why I deserved to go to the […]