November 2014
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Academics here on The Hill

Here at Mcdaniel academics are help as very important. Examples of this are our on campus policies where you can only hold an in club office if your gpa is above a 2.5. Other examples of education being held high is out Mcdaniel plan like I talked about last week. Academics here are supported by [...]

Applying to College

College applications were the hardest time for me in high school. I had my senior portfolio going on, I was trying to deal with the fact that I was going to leave some of the people I love the most, AND I had to write an essay explaining why I deserved to go to the [...]

New lessons in technology from New Media Writing

This semester, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m taking an English class called New Media Writing, a 3000-level class that students can count towards the English major or the writing minor. My last post focused mainly on our “Nichepertise” projects and the fact that we have a lot of class discussions on Twitter, [...]

McDaniel Plan: What is it?

The McDaniel plan is the way in which the college ensures you’re getting a well-rounded education. Requirements include but are not limited to scientific-inquiry, textual analysis, Jan Term, and Sophomore Interdisciplinary Studies. Some classes I have taken that have fulfilled the requirements for me have been include Drama Therapy for my sophomore Inner Disciplinary [...]

Studying “new media” through New Media Writing

One of the classes I’m taking this semester is called New Media Writing, a fun 300o-level class offered by McDaniel’s English department. I took this class, in part because it would fulfill the last requirement I needed to fulfill for my writing minor, but also because I’m pretty darn interested in new media and writing [...]