September 2014
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My last first days of school and some basketball games.

So I had my last first days of school Monday and Tuesday! It is crazy that this is my last semester! Anyways, my first days of school were great and I am pretty excited about my classes. Everyone has to take a Capstone class in their major, and most students take it their senior year. [...]

Working Out – No Gym Necessary

Hi guys.

So now that I am a “retired” soccer player since my fall senior season is done, I have been figuring out exercising without off-season workout packets. I also know that it is difficult to get a gym membership during Jan term or other breaks. Luckily, I made a great discovery over this break [...]

GTS in Costa Rica

I guess I will continue with the abroad theme and tell you about the soccer trip to Costa Rica! It was an amazing experience. Both the women’s and men’s teams met at the airport early, EARLY in the morning on August 5th, and we flew to Miami and then to San Jose. San Jose is [...]

Welcome to Jan Term

This is my first time on campus for a Jan term, and it’s been really fun so far. I have two classes every day: Presidential Scandals with Dr. Bryn Upton and Hapkido.

Presidential Scandals is proving to be interesting. It’s also revealing all the things I don’t know about the presidents, and how much I [...]

About me! : Sam Wilson


My name is Sam Wilson and I am a new McBlogger. I wanted to tell you all a little about myself for my first blog! I am a senior from New Castle, Colorado. I do miss my family and the mountains while I am at McDaniel, but I love it here on the Hill! [...]