September 2014
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Munch With Friends

Hi there,

As a resident assistant, I’m responsible for hosting events for my floor. This, quite honestly, scares me. I’m not the best at telling people that they should go to events, so the advertising part is just pure scary. However, I had an event last week that came together super successfully.

My event, which [...]

Getting Some Direction with the English Department

Hey guys!

This past week, the English department has been busy with an Alumni Panel and with an alumni author visiting campus.

One of the struggles of college is realizing that pretty soon I’ve got to know what I’m doing with my life. I have a very divided personality–I want to do something Political Science related [...]

Family’s Weekend

Family’s weekend is a wonderful, busy, and crowded weekend on The Hill. Family’s weekend includes a lot of events such as a football, softball games with tailgating, the bookstore is open extra hours, seniors start thinking about buying class rings, and in general a lot happens. There also happened to be a wonderful acappella [...]

Family Weekend Fun

Such great weather on the Hill!

This weekend was Family Weekend, and even though my family did not come visit me from California, I had the best time ever! It was nice to meet some of my residents’ family members. They were all so nice! Now I can put faces to the stories they [...]

ANW’s Ice Cream Social

Hey guys,

One of my favourite things in life is ice cream. I’m that kid who has a tub in her freezer at all times except for when she’s eaten it all. So one of the highlights of last week was ANW’s ice cream social!

The event, held on Thursday evening, was called “What’s the [...]