July 2014
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Phi Alpha Delta Initiation Ceremony

Hi guys,

On Friday night, Phi Alpha Delta had its re-activation and initiation ceremony.

Phi Alpha Delta is a professional pre-law fraternity. While the traditional fraternities and sororities you hear about are social, meaning they mainly group around social events and companionship, professional fraternities such as honors societies also exist, and PAD is one of [...]

Holocaust Speaker

Rueben (the speaker) answering a question

A couple of weeks ago, we had a Holocaust survivor visit campus and talk to us. His talk was so moving; almost everyone in the audience cried. I thought it was interesting to see how the experience affected him and the way he thinks about the world.

I [...]

McDaniel Dance Company

I went to the performance by the McDaniel Dance Company about a week and a half ago and I have to say I was impressed by the choreography and dance ability of those involved. I haven’t had the opportunity to see them perform before, so it was really awesome to see what they could put [...]

Talent Show

Tonight (on a date) I went to the service sorority Gamma Sigma Sigma’s Talent Show. My friends came over and helped me get all dressed up. The talent show was super fun!

We have so many talented people at this college. I saw unique dancers, beautiful singers, and a guy played the Native American flutes. [...]

Senior Week!

With all the projects, papers, and test preparation going on right now, it is nice to have something to look forward to. The senior class definitely has an exciting time ahead and senior week is a part of all that excitement! Senior week is the week before graduation and the school puts on several awesome [...]