September 2014
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Combining Research

In my experience, final papers and final projects are pretty standard parts of college classes. They take research and hours of organizing and writing in the hope that it’ll be the best it can be. As an English major, I’ve gotten used to writing a lot of papers (such as 9 a semester, which has [...]

The Beauty of Rain

Rain is generally pretty miserable. It’s not much fun to go to class or Glar with wet socks and wet hair, or to stand outside in the rain for about five hours watching people throw, jump, and run, which I did at my track meet yesterday (I also threw, but they cancelled the women’s pole [...]

Welcome to Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur Land can be defined as a place full of dinosaur replicas, some life-size, some not, designed for children to be fascinated by these early creatures and learn a few things in the process.

So of course, as college students, my friends and I wanted to go, and we did last Sunday.

It was [...]

Hiking Sugarloaf Mountain


Last Saturday, my friends and I went hiking on Sugarloaf Mountain. After some getting lost on the trails (and receiving help from a nice guy with a map), we made it to the top, and the view was wonderful.

We had lunch on the rocks: chicken, tortilla chips, salsa, grapes, a wrap, Nutella, [...]

My Favorite Places to Study

For the most part, I do homework in my room. Everything I need is there, so there’s no chance I’ll forget anything, and I can sit on my bed, spread my stuff out, and work.

The only problem is that if I don’t need internet for my homework, I usually end up on Tumblr without [...]