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Sports Talk: Green Terror Sports Across the Decades

Hey guys!

Today, there was an alumni panel on sports across McDaniel. I learned some interesting facts.

  • The first sport at McDaniel was Club Swinging.greenterror
  • This sport was started by William Roberts McDaniel, our namesake. Since he ran that, and later, bicycling, he was kind of like our first athletic director.
  • The second sport was bicycling. They used Penny-Farthings.
  • In our first gym, you had to run 34 laps to run a mile. It was considered the best gym in Maryland at the time.
  • We lost our first football game in 1891 to Pennsylvania College (now Gettysburg.) The score was 0-64.
  • We won our second football game in 1891 against Pennsylvania College. The score was 61-0.
  • The name “Green Terrors” came about because our football team wasn’t green at all–they were like terrors when they came running down the field!

I’m not much of a sports person, but I really enjoyed hearing about more McDaniel history and seeing the alumni.


Leaps of Faith with Outdoors Club

Us all wearing our lovely harnesses and helmets.

Hey guys!

Yesterday was Outdoors Club’s first trip of the year, and what a dramatic start it was! We went to a high ropes course in Savage, MD, run by Terrapin Adventures.

Fifteen of us went, including people who seemed to be completely unafraid of heights and people who were trying to conquer their fears. The course had three levels, the highest being 40 feet above the security of the ground. I really fail to understand why we voluntarily do something that goes completely against our human nature, buy boy was it fun!

My favourite part was the small sections that were mini zip-lines. I’d thought about going zip-lining over summer, but it was too expensive, and this was the perfect amount.  Over summer, I had also taken a tumble of fifty feet or so down an extremely steep ravine, and since, I’ve been a little bit more conscious of my surroundings and I’ve been trying not to hurt myself. It was lovely to know that I could fool around and jump and dance around

At the end, we got to choose whether to climb down or to jump forty feet down. All of us decided to jump. Despite knowing consciously that I was at no risk thanks to the harnesses and ropes, it was still immensely terrifying to look down.

It was a great way to get out of my little academic world and to do something fun and physical with awesome people.


Ema? Who’s that kid?

A rare picture of me at Moose Falls, a two minute hike off the road in Yellowstone.

Hi guys,

My name is Ema Barnes, and I’m one of those people who does way too many things.

I’m majoring in English and Political Science. I’m minoring in Spanish, Writing, and Computer Science, and I’m a Global Fellow. I’m planning on going to Morocco to study abroad for my entire junior year. Yes, this is all possible–I have my classes for all four years planned out (because I plan when I need to release stress!)

I was born and raised in Invercargill, New Zealand. I lived in San Francisco for six years before moving to Maryland for college. I consider Yellowstone National Park to be home–that’s where I’m happiest.

I’m a Resident Assistant for ANW’s second floor. I work on campus as a shift lead at our Telephone Outreach Program. I am the secretary of our pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. I am the attorney general of Maryland Student Legislature, a simulation of state governments where we write and debate our own legislation, and I also participate in Models Arab League, European Union, and United Nations. I also participate in our Outdoors club.

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life in terms of a master plan, so right now I’m doing interesting things that make me happy and trying to make it through alive. For fun, I write when I don’t have writer’s block, I read a lot of really bad young adult fiction and occasionally some good literature, and I obsess over music such as the Cure and Pink Floyd. I have a lot of fun, and I’m excited to share my experiences with you!


End of Summer Bash

Hey guys,

Yesterday, the staffs of ANW and Blanche came together and hosted an End of Summer Bash in the quad between ANW and DMC.

We had cotton candy, corn dogs, and Rita’s ice, which is as East Coast thing that people seem to adore, and with good reason. It’s like shaved ice, except the flavours are stronger. The food is why a lot of people showed up–who can resist free food?!–but I was really excited when people stayed, too. We had weird and unusual games (again, East Coast things?!) like corn hole and ladder golf as well as a ball for playing catch, a volleyball net, and water balloons.

I must admit, I hate event planning. I hate how one can spend so much time preparing an event just to see it start and end in the flash of an eye. But this one I actually really enjoyed because it was a total success. We had a lot of people come and it was a great opportunity to meet my residents as well as other people I live with. I can, to the surprise of many, be super shy and so I really appreciated the chance to simply hang out with people. We did a great job of planning everything, so it went super smoothly and was relatively stress-free.

I really love how enthusiastic McDaniel students can be, and how willing they are to be silly and throw water balloons and to dance to some good music. I’m excited for the next events we hold!



Fall Semester, Sophomore Year

A handful of my textbooks for the semester.

Hi there!

Teachers really can make or break classes, I have remembered in these first two weeks of classes. I’m an English/Political Science double major, but this year I’m going to take a lot of English classes and very few PoliSci classes–next year, I’m going abroad to Morocco, and the university I attend there will offer a LOT of PoliSci classes and no English classes, so I’m planning correspondingly.

I’m definitely into the writing aspect of English a lot more than the literature side. Though I definitely understand why I have to take literature classes to see how authors in the past have successfully used rhetoric and how our ideas and conceptions have evolved, I’m simply never going to be as excited to take a class on Renaissance Literature as I am for a class on Creative Writing. Though I read for fun pretty much whenever I can, I tend to read books written post-1950, and a lot of young adult fiction that has comparatively less literary value than the classics. I’m taking two literature classes this semester, and though I came in with a slight sense of terror, I’m actually really excited for one of them and confident about the other. The English department has some really talented professors that are great at making me feel like I can form some solid analyses of literature while I learn how to do so skillfully.

In addition to my four English classes, I’m taking one honors PoliSci class that I’m also excited for. I love how honors seminars have people of all disciplines that will contribute a lot, since I think interdisciplinary thought is really important.  This semester’s definitely going to be a busy one, but I’m excited for all my classes, even those dreaded literature classes!