April 2014
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Performing Arts Festival

Hi there,

On Saturday evening, the McDaniel College Dance Team hosted a Performing Arts Festival. Tickets were $3 ahead of time and $5 at the door, which was definitely money well spent. There was a variety of talent that I was amazed to see. McDaniel students definitely keep some tricks up their sleeves!

There were [...]

Death by Chocolate Night at Glar

An assortment of strawberries for dipping.

Hi there,

Every now and again, Glar, McDaniel’s dining hall, has a themed night. Tonight’s was Death by Chocolate night which, to no one’s surpise, is my absolute favourite. I may be a little bit of a chocoholic, and tonight I may have forgotten to eat dinner before I [...]

Speakers at the College: Dr. Telhami on the Middle East

Hey guys,

McDaniel often brings speakers to campus to lecture on topics of interest. There are always a variety of topics, and I’d guestimate that there’s one every two weeks at minimum. On Tuesday, Dr Shibley Telhami, who teaches at the University of Maryland at College Park, came and gave a lecture. He has [...]

The Golf Course: A Forgotten Treasure


Hey guys,

One of my favourite parts about McDaniel is our golf course. It may seem exceedingly random for a college to have a nine-hole golf course, especially since our golf teams don’t even practice on them. I didn’t think too much of it at first, but over this spring break, I’ve fallen in [...]

Glar adventures

Hi guys!

One thing that every college student worries about is food. There’s simply no way that the food at a college is going to be the same as home cooked meals—you try cooking for 1600 students! Though, coming from a summer with Employee Dining Room meals in Yellowstone, Glar is practically gourmet to me, [...]