April 2014
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What does a McDaniel writing tutor do?

As a peer writing tutor at McDaniel’s writing center, I have one of the best jobs a student can have on campus. For six (nonconsecutive) hours per week, I get to work with McDaniel students from a variety of backgrounds and majors to work with them to improve their writing. The students I help are [...]

PoliSci Simulations

Hey, all!

I’m super excited right now because I’m part of McDaniel’s Model United Nations (MUN) team, and tomorrow we’re going to Boston, MA for the Harvard National MUN. The only time I’ve been further north on the East Coast than Pennsylvania was when I was 8, and I really can’t even remember where we [...]

The Internship Process

Getting an internship is an important part of the college experience. It allows you to get job exposure without all of the pressure. Luckily, McDaniel makes it pretty simple to get an internship and is very helpful! I will share with you how my internship process has gone as a psychology major, and I believe [...]

Exploring the Capitol

Hey all,

One of the reasons McDaniel appealed to me was its location. I’m a PoliSci major, which means I have a fascination with the nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C. One of my friends from the Bay Area, who goes to Oberlin in Ohio, is interning with Congresswoman Kaptur for his school’s JanTerm, so I decided [...]

My Jan Term Experience

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great start to 2014! January can be an exciting time for McDaniel students because it means Jan Term. Some people take classes, some people go on amazing trips, and others, like myself, do internships. My junior year, I did an internship through the Human Services Program [...]