November 2014
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Welcome the Summer

My finals ended on Thursday night and I believe I did pretty well on all of my finals. After the final was over, a bunch of us watched movies, played Guild Wars, and just relaxed into the early hours of the morning. It was a great chance to unwind after finals ended for most of […]

Finals Begin

So finals started today, so the normal work and class schedule of the semester is officially over. My finals schedule is kinda busy – I have my first four finals today and tomorrow and then my last one is on Thursday. I already took the two finals for today. The first one was in the […]

Finals Prep Time

So, this weekend I went to Phil’s house with Alyssa, Mehar, and Phil to have a quiet study location before finals, and also some home cooked food. Yesterday, Friday night, we mostly relaxed. We went swimming and tried to unwind for final paper’s week and all of the recent work in our classes. After swimming, […]

Late Night Denny’s Runs

With final papers, projects, and tests to contend with; we all need a chance to unwind, eat, and relax. Last night, I went to Denny’s with a bunch of friends for a late dinner at 10pm after most of us finished wrapping up our homework for the night. First of all, let me say how […]

Final Projects

So, today I spent the large majority of the day working on my final project for my Arabic class. Myself and my partner were making a video about her time in San Francisco. In our story, she owned a club in San Francisco, but an earthquake destroyed the club so she moved back to Maryland. […]